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Often, first-time visitors to the island of Oahu think Waikiki, a neighborhood within the city of Honolulu, makes up the entire city. Waikiki is the most popular location on the island where tourists go to party, shop, eat and sleep. Its youthful exuberance is colorful and fun.

Waikiki runs between Ala Wai Canal and Diamond Head, to the Pacific ocean. You'll find restaurants from McDonald's to Dukes Restaurant & Barefoot Bar, to the elegant Royal Hawaiian-- a wonderful stop for breakfast if the other amenities there are beyond your budget. Stop at the ABC for suntan lotion and post cards, or Gucci's for a most memorable "souvenir". The most elegant hotels are found on the beach itself. There are budget accommodations several blocks back from the beach, but with careful searching, great condos and high-rise hotels can be found just across Kalakaua Avenue from the beach. For those, we suggest looking west of the zoo along the Avenue.

The ocean at Waikiki beach is ideal for beginning boarders, swimmers and snorkelers. There are waves, but they are mostly gentle.

Waikiki Beach

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