Things to Know about Long Term Car Rentals

Long term car rentals are popular in Hawaii, especially in Honolulu, where jobs, families, school and military extend itineraries beyond the typical vacation time. Snowbirds are also welcome to take advantage of these savings. For our customers who require a rental car for a month or more, we offer substantial savings through our major rental car partners.

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  • Our rental partners offer similar but individual options for extended vehicle rentals.
  • Two are referred to as “mini-lease” programs.
  • Another company offers “month-or-more” (no lease) plans and gives additional discounts for each month the rental is kept. There are no penalties for early returns.
  • One company offers long term rentals beginning at 32 days while another begins theirs at 59 days.
  • It is typical to end each extended rental program at 11 months.  At that time, the vehicle is returned, and a new agreement is made for another rental period.
  • Many short term rental amenities, such as 24-hr. roadside assistance, are included in long term rentals.
  • From time to time our rental partners offer rates that include an additional driver for free or additional mileage allowance.
  • Late model, long term rental vehicles include everything from luxury autos to vans to compact cars.
  • Billing is done automatically each month, so there’s no need to return to the rental counter until the end of your rental period.

Being able to get around on your own, carry groceries and explore Oahu during your free time makes a rental car necessary. If you plan to stay in Hawaii for longer than a month, we encourage you to request a no-obligation rental car quote from us.  Regardless of your length of stay, we offer great rates on all our vehicles.

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