Online Resources for Honolulu Dining

With your rental car, there’s no need to be stuck eating whatever the dining rooms in your lodging or resort provide. Honolulu is a foodie’s fantasy-land. Honolulu offers wonderful options from Hawaiian local fare (takeout plate lunches) to Asian-European inspired fusion meals. With chefs placing emphasis on locally grown/harvested food products, you can experience delicious cuisine that’s completely unique to Hawaii.

There are several choices for online restaurant reviews, so there’s no need to become confused by all the options you see driving through the city. This can lead to hunger pangs that drop you in some safe, but boring, mainland chain.

If you are a traveler who wants to explore online the cuisine of Hawaii, we have some suggestions to help you locate that perfect dining experience in Honolulu.

  • We suggest you start your online restaurant search with Honolulu’s city newspaper, the Star-Advertiser at You’ll find in-depth restaurant reviews. Especially helpful is their comprehensive list of reviews at One interesting review there is of Panya Bakery For those of you who will be visiting during holidays, Panya takes orders for complete holiday dinners, such as Thanksgiving meals, that can be picked up with your rental vehicle.
  • The Honolulu Weekly has food reviews and more. When you click on the “Food” category be sure to explore each subcategory in the pull-down menu. Each provides interesting takes on local events and other food related topics, all places you can get to in your rental.
  • Midweek (sister publication of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser) lists a variety of food and dining related articles. You might see overlap with the Star-Advertiser in some of the articles, but nevertheless, you’ll won’t miss anything if you check out both online papers.
  • Honolulu Magazine is colorful, fun and might appeal more to visitors than other online publications. Their “Dining” category includes “The Best” list of reviewed eating establishments. “Biting Commentary” articles include all things food, places to drink, events, news and reviews.
  • Honolulu Pulse (“powered by the Star-Advertiser”) focuses on food, drink, bars and clubs. While it lists events related to eating and drinking in Honolulu, watch for dates as sometimes the events listed have already taken place.

We think there’s more to being a tourist than just exploring scenery. Please do sample the amazing and unique cuisine of Honolulu. We think you’ll love our food! And, because you have a rental car, you can take advantage of early breakfasts as well as late night clubbing.

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